Identification Solutions

Direct Screen Printing

Screen printing is arguably the most versatile of all printing processes. We screen print on numerous flat surfaces, from stainless steel and aluminum, to polycarbonate and foil. We stock a wide variety of metals and plastics to insure cost-effectiveness and quick lead time. From multi-colored panels to single-colored identification tags, we have a variety of stock colors plus the ability to match your specific colors.

A significant characteristic of screen printing is that a greater thickness of the ink can be applied to the substrate than is possible with other printing techniques. This allows for some very interesting effects that are not possible using other printing methods. Screen Printing For Many Industries including Appliance Industry, Automotive Industry, Electronic Industry, Machinery Industry, Medical Industry, Sheet Metal Electrical Industry, Sheet Metal Fabricating Industry and the Telecommunications Industry.

Chemical Etching

The etching process is done to ensure your product will endure harsh environments. The product art is chemically etched into the substrate and then spray painted to make it a long-lasting durable part. Chemi-Graphic, Inc chemically etches light gauge metal parts from a wide variety of materials ranging in thickness from 0.00070" to 0.032". Our manufacturing techniques allow us to etch the most intricate components while maintaining extremely tight tolerances. Low-cost rapid prototyping and in-house photo tooling allows for frequent design iterations to ensure customers achieve optimal results.

Chemi-Graphic, Inc photo chemical etching process, also called photo chemical milling, provides numerous advantages including: Photo Chemical Machining, also known as the Etching process, is precise, quick, economical and flexible. It cuts metal clean without any burrs and is a low-temp process that eliminates heat affected zones, dross and striations commonly seen on laser-cut or stamped parts. Etched parts can be formed, shape-set, plated or finished in a variety of ways. It is cost effective at high volume productions as well.

Custom Label Solutions

We manufacture a wide variety of label products, designed to achieve whatever your label needs to express.

We are able to print on a wide variety of substrates using standard, custom color matched or specialty inks. If you require labels for automatic application, our custom labeling experts can help you plan your design accordingly. From simple serialized, bar-coded or agency approved labels to address labels and warning labels, Chemi-Graphic, Inc has the capabilities and expertise to deliver labels that serve their function flawlessly. Give us your requirements and we can get the job done.

Graphic Arts Solutions

Our art department is staffed full time, ready to help you bring your project to production. Our graphic artists have years of experience working on projects just like yours, and are equipped with the latest computing hardware and software.